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Join lynn Schneider as she picks three tech related stories each week to discuss with our listeners.

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  • Podcasting Realities, AI Bedtime Stories, and Android’s Accessibility Advances.
    Podcasting Industry Challenges: Discussing the recent layoffs at Spotify, where around 1,500 jobs, or 17% of its workforce, were cut. This was the third round of layoffs in 2023, as Spotify aimed to become more productive and efficient amidst slow economic growth and rising capital costs. Despite strong user growth and subscriber numbers, Spotify faced challenges in North American premium subscriber growth and a decline in average revenue per user (ARPU). AI Bedtime Stories – Jimmy Stewart’s Voice: Exploring the innovative use of generative AI by the Calm app to create a new bedtime story narrated in the voice of … Read more
  • Amazon’s Software Shift, Robot Safety, and OctoStudio Innovation
    In this episode of Friday Finds, we discuss Amazon’s shift to its own software for smart devices, potential safety challenges with robots, an exciting block-based programming app called OctoStudio, and invite listener feedback. Tune in for updates! Send us your feedback online: https://pinecast.com/feedback/fridayfinds/e876384b-ee81-43e4-a2f6-4c31ae3e1c9c This podcast is powered by Pinecast. Try Pinecast for free, forever, no credit card required. If you decide to upgrade, use coupon code r-3bc504 for 40% off for 4 months, and support Friday Finds.
  • Friday Finds: Humane AI Pin, Medical Emergencies, and Microsoft’s Therapy Innovation”
    In this episode of Friday Finds, we discuss Humane’s AI pin, a wearable device with voice control, gestures, and a built-in projector. We also cover a medical emergency at the Board Ape Yacht Club festival and Microsoft’s patent for an AI therapy app. Join us as we explore the potential of AI in different areas and invite listeners to share their thoughts. Tune in on Apple Podcasts or iacast radio, and reach out to us at [email protected]. Enjoy this episode and have a great week ahead! Send us your feedback online: https://pinecast.com/feedback/fridayfinds/1638ba9e-97da-485b-8591-8885e768d4ea This podcast is powered by Pinecast. Try Pinecast … Read more
  • Self Driving Cars, Acustic Touch, and automatically updated iPhones
    Episode Notes In this week’s episode of Friday Finds, we discuss the expansion of robo-taxi services in San Francisco and the concerns surrounding recent incidents. We also explore the use of acoustic touch technology in smart glasses for the blind and highlight a new tool from Apple that speeds up the setup process for new iPhones. Share your feedback at [email protected] and find us on Apple Podcasts and the IACast network. Have a great week! Send us your feedback online: https://pinecast.com/feedback/fridayfinds/7081426c-51d7-4872-817b-1f4fc821a56b This podcast is powered by Pinecast. Try Pinecast for free, forever, no credit card required. If you decide to … Read more
  • Alerts, AI, and Accountability: Navigating Technology in the Digital Age – Friday Finds
    In this episode of Friday Finds, we discuss the recent nationwide test of public alerts conducted by FEMA and the FCC. We also explore the complexities of delivering widespread alerts in the digital age and the need for collaboration among technology providers. We delve into the potential risks and misuse of AI technologies, including the creation of false information and the replication of deceased individuals. We highlight the importance of cautious and responsible use of AI tools. As we wrap up, we encourage listeners to share their thoughts on these topics.
  • Be My Eyes’ Return, Lady A’s Subscription Dilemma, and ChatGPT+’s Bing Integration”
    In this episode of “Friday Finds,” we have some exciting news to share. Be My Eyes is bringing back facial image descriptions, enhancing accessibility for blind individuals. Amazon’s Lady A may introduce a subscription fee, raising concerns about affordability. ChatGPT+ now includes the Bing search component, adding value for research purposes. Thank you for tuning in and supporting our podcast. Have a fantastic week ahead!
  • “Exploring Subscription Social Media & AI Challenges: A Deep Dive into Privacy Concerns”
    In this episode of Friday Finds, we discuss the potential implementation of subscription fees on social media platforms, exploring how they could reduce spam and improve quality. We also address concerns about subscription fatigue and the exclusion of voices. We highlight the partnership between Be My Eyes and OpenAI, examining the limitations of AI image descriptions due to privacy concerns. Additionally, we raise awareness about the potential misuse of personal health data collected by apps and devices. Join us for this thought-provoking episode of Friday Finds.
  • “AI Miracles and Environmental Concerns”
    In this episode of our podcast/show, we explore the power of AI in diagnosing rare medical conditions through the story of a mom who used an AI app called CHAT-GPT to find a diagnosis for her son’s condition. We also discuss the water consumption of data centers and the potential environmental impact, as well as the concerning shortage of laxatives and the dangers of their misuse. Thank you for listening, and we invite you to share your thoughts with us.
  • “Clubhouse’s Comeback, The Rise of Private Groups & Marks & Spencer’s Innovation for the Blind”
    In this episode, we explore the decline of Clubhouse and its attempt to revive itself with a new chat feature. We also discuss the growing preference for closed communities and its potential impact on organizations like ACB. Additionally, we highlight Marks & Spencer’s Braille gift cards, bringing accessibility and joy to the blind community. Don’t forget to subscribe and share our podcast on Apple Podcasts and our Friday Finds feed. Visit FridayFinds.show for more info and send your feedback to [email protected]. Have a great week ahead! Support Friday Finds by contributing to their tip jar: https://tips.pinecast.com/jar/fridayfinds Send us your feedback … Read more
  • Friday Finds: Empowering Tech? Social Media Revamp & Canine AI
    In this episode of Friday Finds, we share good news about the resolution of the iOS 17 braille display bug. We also discuss a smart headband called EYECAN, designed to assist blind individuals in navigating swimming pools. We explore the changing landscape of social media and the emergence of platforms offering more control. Additionally, we mention the development of a language model for robotic dogs and express gratitude to our listeners.# You can tune into this call live every Tuesday. Visit Acb Community to learn more about what is up coming. Support Unmute Presents by contributing to their tip jar: … Read more