Podcasting Realities, AI Bedtime Stories, and Android’s Accessibility Advances.

Podcasting Industry Challenges: Discussing the recent layoffs at Spotify, where around 1,500 jobs, or 17% of its workforce, were cut. This was the third round of layoffs in 2023, as Spotify aimed to become more productive and efficient amidst slow economic growth and rising capital costs. Despite strong user growth and subscriber numbers, Spotify faced challenges in North American premium subscriber growth and a decline in average revenue per user (ARPU).
AI Bedtime Stories – Jimmy Stewart’s Voice: Exploring the innovative use of generative AI by the Calm app to create a new bedtime story narrated in the voice of the late Jimmy Stewart. This was made possible by training a voice model with Stewart’s past performances.
Android’s Accessibility Advances: Highlighting the advancements in Android accessibility features, emphasizing the importance of having access to diverse platforms. Mention of new apps and tools, including Seeing AI, Be My Eyes, and Envision AI, now available for Android, enhancing accessibility for the blind and visually impaired.
For detailed insights on Spotify’s layoffs and their impact on the podcasting industry, refer to TechCrunch​​.

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